Tour Recap

First of all, thank you to all of you who came out in Chicago, Boston, and New York to support us and help to raise money against homelessness and insecurity in your community. Thanks to you, we raised nearly $7,000 for Connections for the Homeless, Somerville Homeless Coalition, and Safe Space.

Adam put together a nice video summation of the tour here:

Check out our youtube page for some additional clips from the tour, such as this version of Our Love Is An Illiquid Asset:

As always, keep an eye on our facebook page for pictures and further updates.

Just a year ago, we gathered in Montreal to record Recession Sessions. Although we were sure that the economic problems that we sang about would persist, we could not have anticipated how much the project and mission have resonated with people and grown over the year. With your help, we look forward to making 2012 even better than the last. Thanks for your support!