“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”
Jim Rohn

“Remember the fallback plan: if you’re not sure of the next step, start by helping people and creating things.”
Chris Guillebeau

NPR Segment and Writing

During our segment on NPR yesterday, they were very curious about 2 songs on our album Qe2 and Main Street venting blues. This is funny because when Kyle and I recorded the album in Montreal, those were the 2 songs that we were considering cutting but ultimately decided otherwise. I think this is an experience that many artists go through which is that you do your best with your work but ultimately we don´t know what people will find interesting.

I am reminded of this quote by Melanie:

“My idea about songs is that once you write them, you have very little say in their life afterward. It’s a lot like having a baby. You conceive a song, deliver it, and then give it as good a start as you can. After that, it’s on its own. People will take it any way they want to take it.”

Seinfeld Wisdom on Investing

Anyone who has been investing in the markets lately has surely lost money. Perhaps they should have listened to the investing advice of comedian Jerry Seinfeld…

“I’m not an investor. People always tell me, you should have your money working for you. I’ve decided I’ll do the work. I’m gonna let the money relax. You know what I mean? ‘Cause you send your money out there – working for you – a lot of times, it gets fired. You go back there, “What happened? I had my money. It was here, it was working for me.” “Yeah, I remember your money. Showing up late. Taking time off. We had to let him go.”


“The country faces a fundamental disconnect between the services that people expect the government to provide…and the tax revenues that people are willing to send to the government to finance those services.”

– Douglas Elmendorf, November 2009.

Not much has changed.